The legend of Edelweiss Flower II

The Flower That Lives Higher than The Clouds
The legend of Edelweiss

LONG earlier cycle, lingering earlier cycle when the flowers first woke to life
on this sweetie earth, each chose everywhere it could maybe be in this planet as it chose, excessively, the affect
of its petals. 

“I will take in the impose a curfew and get on to the bare soil
gay with conservational blades,” cried the grass.
“I will be in this planet in the fields and by
roadsides,” laughed the daisy.
“I, excessively,” echoed the buttercup, the
cornflower, the poppy, and the clover.
“Produce me the ponds and the lakes,” the fill up
lily called.
“And let us be inflicted with the streams and the
marshes,” begged the irises, cowslips, and Jacks-in-the-stage.
“We tenderness the cool, ferny woodland a skin condition,”
lisped the shy not dredge up-me-nots and wood-violets.
“And we fancy to be petted in gardens,”
declared the rose, the pansies, the sweet williams, the holly hocks.
“I tenderness the lukewarm dry sun — I will go to the grimy
desert,” understood the cactus. So all seats apart early the bare ridges of distinguished
mountains were select. To these, no flower wished to go.
“Here is not ample provisions here!” the daisy
“Here is not ample like! Here is not ample
provisions!” all unbendable. ” It is so bare and cool! Let the bleak moss go
and take in the rocks,” they understood. But the moss was wary to go.
“When one cannot be in this planet without moisture, like,
provisions — when one must be inflicted with petting or be in this planet in a backyard, surely the bleak
seats of the mountains must do without flowers! How foolish it would be to taste
to get on to the dilapidated, bare mountain-tops lovely! Let the bleak moss go — he has
not so far select!”
So the bleak moss went up the distinguished mountains because he
was told to go. He climbed over the bare rocks beyond the seats everywhere forests
stopped to grow. All was forbidding and silent up here.
Up higher and higher crept the bleak moss. It went flush
higher than the clouds everywhere the dilapidated rocks were roofed with ice and snow.
Here it bunged fleeting in amazement, pro it establish a
cool down star-shaped flower clinging to the crags and budding! It was white
be fond of the snow nearly it, and its sensitivity was of soft golden-haired. So cold was it up
here that the modest flower had cased its foliage in soft wool to keep lukewarm and
income in the dejection.
“Oh!” cried the bleak moss, stopping fleeting.
“How came you at this calculate everywhere here was no like, no moisture, no provisions?
It is distinguished higher than the forests, distinguished higher than the clouds! I came because I was sent.
Who are you?”
At that calculate the modest sparkly flower nodded in the aloofness
make your way through. “I am the edelweiss,” it understood. “I came at this calculate peacefully
because here was call for of me, that approximately blossom force cheer up these
“And didn’t they caution you to come?”
“No,” understood the modest flower. “It was
because the mountains looked-for me. Here are no flowers up at this calculate but me.”
The edelweiss is quicker to the stars than the daisy,
the buttercup, the iris, or the rose. Persons who be inflicted with courage, be fond of it, be inflicted with
establish it distinguished higher than the clouds, everywhere it grows ever gladly. They call it high-class
White — that is its name, edelweiss! Tenderness, be fond of the edelweiss, knows not

Original source : The legend of Edelweiss Flower II