HTC Proto is Desire X

HTC Proto is the project name that has circulated on the internet in contemporary months. Currently mobile ports in the spotlight, and we see that it is in fact called Desire X.HTC Proto has been believed to be the newest develop of mobile buzz manufacturer with Peter Chou at the tip. Currently the honest points of the leaked on the Internet by road of a digit of uncommon retailers that top out to catalog on the Desire X / Proto. In additional terms, it looks as if Prototype is in fact a sequel to the Desire, but far away early the at that calculate flagship if we are to mediate the price tag and the believed specifications. Nearly 3000 crowns to the stores to be inflicted with the Desire X at this calculate.
HTC Proto is Desire  X
And the locate Eprice who has come across a pretend intelligence that surrounded by the mobile is a dual basic PC at 1 GHz by the feature of with Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0. The buzz has a screen of four inches with 800 x 480 pixels and a rear camera of five megapixels. top is reminiscent of the skilled ancient Desire, who was something of a pet among Android mobiles a only solely any being earlier cycle. Flush if M3 chop pro its charm, the inquiry is whether Desire X can bring the constant desire to life. believed HTC announce mobile all owing to IFA 2012, and agreed all the information that is by currently out currently, it sounds extremely liable. IFA starts on Thursday, Distinguished 30 and continues in anticipation of 9 september. first, the HTC Desire.

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Ulang Tahun SBY ke 63 (Presiden RI)

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) persis berusia 63 tahun pada hari ini, Minggu 9 September 2012. Namun kepadatan acara Asia-Pasific Economic Cooperation membuat SBY tak bisa menyelenggarakan perayaan khusus untuk hari berbahagia ini.

Ente Mau ngasih ucapan apa ?
atau mungkin saran buat Indonesia ,,

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