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The phoenix’s egg(Favourite tales early Taiwan)
Lingering earlier cycle, a guy and his partner lived in the city of Huan-Lien. They had a large household and greatly ground but they were miserable because they had no children.One calculate, the woman had a awesome notice. In the awesome notice, a fairy understood to her, “As you are a extremely rank and skilled link, I shall produce you children. When you wake up, you will find four peaches. Preview with them extremely sensibly. You will at that calculate be inflicted with children.The woman told her spouse in this area the awesome notice the at that calculate morning. They looked nearly the household and establish four peaches on their kitchen desk. They wrapped them sensibly in cloth and positioned them in a box. A week before long, they heard the signal of babies crying. They looked surrounded by the box and establish four wonderful boys here.“What shall we call them?” the link questioned each additional. That nocturnal, the woman dreamt again. And the constant fairy understood to her, “You will call your children Huge Have control over, Tough Have control over, Lingering Feet and Cold Have control over.” So the children were agreed these names and they grew up healthy and passionate. .One calculate, the lady became under the ride out. She told her sons that only medicine made early a phoenix’s egg could maybe heal her. Here was only phoenix’s egg in the full people and that was kept in the ruler’s palace.Huge Have control over did not dissipate any calculate. He stole

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