Narrative story – Tseng Chen and his mother

A lingering, lingering calculate earlier cycle, a childish guy named Tseng Chen went to work in the Disorder of Fel.He did not admit here was a additional guy with the constant name income here. This additional guy was wanted by the control pro butchery a name.Not lingering with Tseng Chen left family, a guy came to see his care for. “Your child has killed a name. The control are looking pro him,” he understood.“I do not mediate it,” she answered peacefully.In this area a month before long, a additional guy came to see her. He told her the constant thing. Tseng Chen’s care for took no see of him.A only solely any weeks before long, so far a third guy came to see her.“I be inflicted with solely come early Fei,” he understood. “Your child is in serious bother. He has killed a guy.”Tseng Chen’s care for at that calculate became extremely apprehensive. She promptly packed approximately clothes, and left the at that calculate morning pro Fei to preview pro her child.But her child was really a skilled guy who had made not anything incorrectakan. When she met him, she promptly understood what she had heard in this area him was incorrectakan.“Oh!” she cried. “if I can mediate such terrible thing in this area my child, how greatly simpler it will be pro go on of the mill people to mediate terrible thing in this area others. I must be extremely careful not to mediate all I take see of in possibility.”

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