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Narrative fleeting tale adalah cerita pendek dalam bentuk narrative copy, Narrative fleeting tale cerita yang sangat bagus bagi teman-teman yang ingin belajar bahasa inggris tingkat pemula, narrative fleeting tale adalah salah satu jenis cerita pendek yang mudah dipahami dengan kemampuan dasar yang dimiliki pembacanya.
bagi teman-teman yang baru belajar bahasa inggris (tingkat pemula) semoga narrative fleeting tale ini bisa membantu mengembangkan kosa kata (vocabulary)nya.
tanpa panjang lebar lagi langsung saja ke Narrative fleeting tale-nya.

Why the sea is salt
(Favourite tales early Taiwan)

Here were two brothers who lived in a village by the
sea, the chief was called Soul Hua and the younger Soul Ming.

When their limb of the clergy died. Soul Hua took all the family ranking
property pro himself. His brother had not anything. Soul Ming was indigent and worked
tough each calculate to assemble kindling to get on to a income. One nocturnal, he had a awesome notice.
In this awesome notice, an ancient guy came to him.

“I am the god of marble,” he understood. “I aspire to help you
because you are trustworthy and tough-working. If you will climb to the top of the
mountain in the rear your village, you will find a marble gate here. Commence the gate
and go surrounded by. Here are loads of fairies income here. Question for them pro anything you
aspire and they will produce it to you. deposit on’t be greedy, though. Question for pro the marble
grindstone which you will find here. It is a key grindstone. Whatever you
aspire, it will get on to pro you.”

The at that calculate calculate, Soul Ming climbed the mountain. He
carried a basket of provisions with him. When he at home at the marble gate, he went
surrounded by. He establish himself in a large cave. Here were loads of fairies income here.
Though, they did not be inflicted with ample provisions to chew. He gave them the basket of provisions
and they were extremely pleased.

“You can take dead all the gold and silver you can
involve.” They understood to him.

“Please produce me as a substitution for the key grindstone,” Soul
Ming questioned.

The fairies handed over the grindstone to him. Soul
Ming thanked them and carried it dead with him.

When he returned family. He felt hungry. He questioned the
grindstone pro approximately provisions. In no calculate, a wonderful meal appeared on the desk. Early
that calculate on, all he wanted was agreed to him by the key grindstone.

Not lingering afterwards, his chief brother, Soul Hua, heard
of Soul Ming’s skilled chance. Even as Soul Ming was sleeping he crept into the household
and stole the key grindstone.

He sailed dead in a modest boat with the key

“what shall I question for pro?” he plotting. “I admit. All
call for salt. I’ll question for the grindstone to produce me as greatly salt as I aspire. I’ll soon
be converted into a rich guy.”

He at that calculate questioned the grindstone pro the salt, “All aptly,”
understood the mill ongoing grinding dead and the boat soon to the top with
salt. Here was alt the planet over. But Soul Hua was so greedy that he did not aspire
to caution the grindstone to bring to a standstill.

Permanently, the boat sank under the consequence of the salt
and Soul Hua was drowned.

Early the calculate on. The grindstone continued to get on to salt
at the underneath of the sea. That is why the sea is so brackish.

Fund: Favourite tales early Taiwan by Leon Comber
& Charles Shuttleworth

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