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Why snails
climb up grass
tale early Philippines)
Allegory pro kids
Lingering lingering earlier cycle, Mr. Nose about,
Mr. Take wing
, Mr. Wasp and Mr. snail lived
together in a tiny household. They on terrible terms the work among themselves. Mr. nose about was
the chief and strongest. He was made the have control over of the household and his job was to
find provisions. Mr. Take wing, who could maybe take wing extremely quick, was made a messenger. Mr. Wasp was
made a care for because of his awkward hurt. And Mr. Snail, who could maybe only stride
at a snail’s pace, looked with the household.
Allegory pro kids 
Ahead of schedule one calculate, Mr. Nose about
went out to preview pro provisions. He swam at a snail’s pace in a close shipping canal. Suddenly, he proverb
something moving in the fill up. It was a huge frog. “What a lovely  meal.” He plotting. He promptly in custody the frog
in his mouth and ongoing to swim family. But he did not admit here was a hook
surrounded by the frog which was united to a thread. A name pulled the thread and soon
Mr. Nose about establish himself surrounded by a fisherman’s basket. The fisherman took him family
and ate him.
Allegory pro kids 
Of road, his acquaintances
did not admit what had happened to him. They waited pro him pro numerous days. By
this calculate, they all felt extremely hungry. At that calculate Mr. Take wing was sent out to preview pro Mr.
Nose about. Suddenly, he proverb something moving in the fill up not extra than. It was a nose about whose
lips stirred in and out on the go up of the fill up.
Mr. Take wing was mad. He
plotting the nose about was laughing at him.
Allegory pro kids 
“deposit on’t laugh me!” he
cried, “I’m looking pro my supporter Mr. Nose about, be inflicted with you seen him?”
Allegory pro kids 
But the nose about subdue seemed
to laugh at him. Mr. Take wing flew decrease and decrease as he wanted to bite the nose about.
Suddenly, he felt extremely weak. He had not eaten any provisions pro such a lingering calculate.
His wings became heavier and heavier. “Insert!” he chop into the fill up and the
nose about swallowed him in a following.
Allegory pro kids 
Mr. Wasp and Mr. Snail
were subdue coming up pro Mr. Nose about and Mr. Take wing to restore. Flush if they were in cooperation
hungry, Mr. Snail was not as hungry as Mr. Wasp. He could maybe chew mud even as Mr.
wasp  could maybe only tense up his belt. At
continue, Mr. wasp could maybe not stand it any longer.
Allegory pro kids 
He flew out of the household
to preview pro Mr. Nose about and Mr. Take wing. Even as he was fleeting, his longing became of poorer quality.
He tightened his belt again and again in anticipation of permanently he broke into two. That was
the aim of Mr. Wasp.
Allegory pro kids 
Currently only Mr. Snail was
left. He left the household to preview pro his three acquaintances. He was crying because he
felt so lonely. When he establish approximately grass, he would climb up it to preview
nearly pro his acquaintances. Flush now snails subdue weep, and when they see any
grass they will climb up it and preview nearly pro their ancient acquaintances.
Allegory pro kids 

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