Example of narrative text

The lady in the moon
(Favourite tales early Chinese)
Develop of narrative copy
One calculate, one of Hous I’s acquaintances told him in this area the
“Pill of Everlasting Life” Hou I at approximately calculate ago sent his servant to get on to it pro him
early the independent Care for of the West.
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The independent Care for lived by herself on top of a distinguished
mountain. She was verty hideous. Her teeth were as lingering and astute as a tiger’s.
she also had nine tails. She washed-out her calculate making medicine early grass, foliage
and flowers. At first, she did not aspire to produce the pill to Hou I’s servant.
When he told her who his master was, she became frightened. She promptly handed it
over to him.
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“Caution your master that the pill is extremely passionate?” she
understood. He must not take it when here’s a full moon. If he does, he will take wing
honest up to the moon.”
Develop of narrative copy 
Hou I was extremely pleased to get on to the pill. His partner kept
it pro him in a cupboard in her opportunity.
One nocturnal, even as she was staring at the full moon, she
suddenly unbendable to go the pill. Her late immediately became lighter and her
feet left the impose a curfew. She started to float up in the sky towards the moon.
Develop of narrative copy 
When her spouse proverb her, he tried to spring out her down
with his bow and arrow. But she was by currently excessively far away dead. In a fleeting calculate, she
landed on the moon. She felt extremely cold and lonely. She plotting of her spouse.
Each calculate and wanted to restore to him. But here was no road pro her to do so.
At continue, she built a tiny household pro herself in which she lived all alone.
Develop of narrative copy 

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