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The ancient lady early the extra territories
(Favourite tale early Chinese)
Here was an
ancient lady called Mrs. Wong who lived in the Extra Territories. She had two sons.
The chief child worked in a laundry in Kowloon. The younger child sold umbrellas in
a supermarket in Hong Kong. When it rained, she apprehensive in this area her chief child.
“Oh!  He will drop his affair if it
rains,” she understood. “how can he dry his clothes?” when here was no drizzle, she
apprehensive in this area her younger child. “Who will approve of his umbrellas? How will he earn
ample cash to be in this planet?” it did not matter whether the ride out was skilled or terrible.,
she was by no means fortunate. With approximately calculate, she became under the ride out. She could maybe neither chew nor
A childish lad
named Ah Foo lived at that calculate lobby to Mrs. Wong. He permanently ancient to mess about in adjoin of
her household. One morning, the ancient lady understood to him, “It’s such a honest calculate, but
here’s no drizzle. Who will approve of my younger child’s umbrellas?” Ah Foo looked at her
but did not show anything. In the calculate, it poured with drizzle. The ancient lady
looked up at the sky.
“How will my
chief child dry his clothes?” she questioned.
“Mrs. Wong,”
Ah Foo answered, “Please don’t agonize so greatly, if it rains, your younger child will
be competent to advertise his umbrellas. When the drizzle stops, your chief child will be competent
to dry his clothes.”
Mrs. Wong
was silent pro a even as. She at that calculate smiled.
“You are
aptly,” she understood. “Here is a skilled and terrible feature to all but we must
permanently preview on the bright feature”

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