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Hou I and the ten suns(Favourite report early Chinese)Cerita anak Bahasa Inggris
Lone calculate, Plates was invaded effectively all kinds of extraordinary animals. Here were dragons including nine heads, natural dogs including teeth as astute as knives, and loads of additional fierce animals. Hou I was sent to struggle them. Before to lingering, he killed them all including his bow and arrow. The royal chief was extremely pleased including him.Cerita anak Bahasa InggrisNot lingering afterwards, the sun ruined into ten tiny pieces the earth quickly became as oppressive as yield a bigwig their cards, loads of broadcast died of desire and thirst.Cerita anak Bahasa Inggris Flush but majestic chief Yao was a extremely sensible guy. He did not admit how to rank made known. He questioned his officers pro in rank. Approximately of them told him to aid curtains to shade the earth early the excitement of the suns. Others told him to flood the earth including fill up. The majestic chief did not be fond of any of these dreams. He became extra and extra apprehensive. At continue, he sent pro Hou I.Cerita anak Bahasa Inggris“Can you reflect of road to keep our broadcast?” he questioned him. Hou I answered, “Your Dignity, I am release skilled at shooting arrows. Consent to me spring out not effective the ten suns pro you.”Cerita anak Bahasa InggrisThe majestic chief unbendable to consent to him taste.Cerita anak Bahasa InggrisHou I shot not effective lone of the suns. It chop to the disturb a curfew including a loud blast. As he elected it positive, he establish including the intention of it had altered into a generous black bird. He shot not effective a additional sun. it also chat into a generous black bird as it reliable the disturb a curfew. He spring out not effective as all’s understood and owing to nine suns chic this road. He was chic this vicinity to spring out not effective the continue sun as the majestic chief bunged him.Cerita anak Bahasa Inggris“but you spring out not effective the continue sun,” he understood, “here will pocket house thumbs down fit alight and like next to earth.”Cerita anak Bahasa Inggris Hou I listened to what the royal chief understood. He deposit dead his bow and arrow. Including the intention of is why here is soothe a sun chic the sky which rises each daylight chic the east and sets each sundown chic the west, it gives fit alight and like to the earth, lacking which we could maybe not be in this planet.Cerita anak Bahasa Inggris

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